Creating an Effective Mystagogy was written to assist catechumenate leaders as they go through the various stages of the Christian Initiation of Adults.

The 50 Days of Joy is a series of reflections designed for the newly baptized to use on their own, with their sponsor or with a group of neophytes during the Easter Season.

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The first edition of Creating an Effective Mystagogy is out of print, but might still be available on Amazon.  I, however, recommend the second edition pictured above.  the first edition was my doctoral thesis-project.  The second edition was written more for an audience of pastoral ministers, especially those who work in Christian Initiation of Adults.

Proclaiming Abundant Love

Biblical Reflections on the Spirituality of the Precious Blood

This is a website containing reflections on various biblical text related to the spirituality of the Precious Blood. The texts are arranged under five categories that correspond to five important images in our spirituality: covenant, cross, cup, reconciliation, and the lamb once slain who lives.

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Penance and Reconciliation

In light of the recent issuing of a new translation of the Order of Penance and the increased emphasis on reconciliation in the spirituality of the Precious Blood, I’ve begun to reflect on how we, as Missionaries of the Precious Blood might celebrate the sacrament of penance today.

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